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For more than 10 years, our company has been engaged with converting equipment, including slitting machines. Since 2016 year, our production unit has been engaged in the design, localization and production of slitting and rewinding machines in the Russian Federation. During this time, we have serious experience in the production of machines in Russian conditions. Recent economic events related to the depreciation of the Ruble and the closure of borders due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation have strengthened us in that the course towards the maximal localization of engineering and production competencies was chosen correctly.

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Our purview

14 years on the equipment market


Years of experience in the producing, tuning and maintaining  slitting machinery will help us find the best solution to meet all  your business demand.

Slitting Machines

We have slitting machines with different levels of automation and customization

Screw pairs

Development of screw pairs of extruders for various types of plastics.

Flexo printing machine

Experience in tuning flexographic machinery of varying complexity and types of printing

Spunbond slitting machines

Slitting of spunbond, spunlace, meltblown
slitter.ru - Slitting machines from Russia

Our project www.slitter.ru The website dedicated to machines for slitting and rewinding roll materials or slitting machines.  Sale of Russian-made slitting machines

pneumoval.ru - Manufacturing and Repairing of pneumatic shafts

A separate website dedicated to pneumatic shafts and pneumatic expansion shafts. Manufacturing and repairing of pneumatic shafts

pmash.org - New and Used machines for slitting various materials

One of the first projects of  LIUTIRA GROUP.  New and Used slitting machines.  In addition, the catalogue on the website contains laminators, bag making machines, extrusion machines, and various components.

jotamachinery.ru - Slitting machines from China

Мы являемся российским подразделением компании Jota Machinery Industrial (Kunshan) Co., Ltd — лидера китайского рынка в сфере проектирования и производства различного вида бобинорезательных машин.

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