Nonwoven Extrusion Lamination Line

Директор Группы Компаний Лиутира

Лиутира - полимерное машиностроение

Group of Companies «LIUTIRA» is ready to offer for sale a new line of extrusion lamination of non-woven materials.

Denis Kutko is founder of Group of Companies «LIUTIRA» shared his expectations about the launch of the new equipment of the company and answered questions from our press service:

Why is extrusion coating and lamination technology relevant today?

These technologies relate to process of continuous operation. The product is being manufactured continuously, produced every day and every hour. The second point in relevance is economic efficiency. This is due to the fact that there are no intermediate coating curves for primers and the like. The adhesion of materials to each other is carried out by polyethylene or polypropylene as a molten polymer.

Who is interested in the solution of the presented line of extrusion lamination? Who is customer?

According to the latest situation with corona-virus (COVID-19) infection, the main customers are manufacturers of protective clothing, biohazard suits, suits for doctors operating in the red zone. Also manufacturers shoe covers, medical caps, and partially about respirators.

The second most popular market is construction materials. Covering materials for plants, waterproofing membranes in construction and road construction, in the preparation of land and soil for laying roads and others.

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